Pragulic: See Ostrava through the eyes of Homeless




Your guide´s name is Julek, He is a gypsy man who grow up in orphanage. When he started to gamble his marriage broke up and he became homeless traveling all over the place and trying to solve his situation with alcohol. Fortunately, he found help in a shelter house and gain perspective again and became activist fighting for humans rights and affordable living for everyone. His tour takes place in local “ghetto” in Ostrava Přívoz. You don’t have to be afraid it is place like any other just inhabited by Roma people  with its special atmosphere. You will see ruins of devastated settlement but also street Palackeho where you might also visit a flat of Julek daughter. Lets bring people to this separated part of the town and learn stories of locals!



Duration: 2 hours

Area: Ostrava-Přívoz

Meeting point: Municipality hall (tour starts at main railway station)

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EvženYour guide´s name is Evzen, Since a child, he suffered from polio and that´s why walking sticks accompany him everywhere he goes. He found out soon how difficult it is to find a job with a disability. When it came to worst, he ended up sleeping on benches even in winter. Fortunately, people gave him a helping hand and nowdays he has a decent living and he is able to share his story with others. He will show you the industrial area of Vitkovice. Rusty iron constructions, red brick buildings, shelters and touch of 90´s.

Duration: 2 hours

Area: Ostrava-Vítkovice

Meeting point:  Municipality hall (tour starts at Karolina)

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Pragulic is a Social Enterprise that let you experience city from the homeless perspective and discover unusuall places and incredible life stories. We are working since 2012 to combat stereotypes associated with homelessness and improve life of our guides. We operate in Prague, Ostrava and other citites in the Czech republic.

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